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Elevated Ink Works
Turn Any Wall Into a Work of Art
Elevated Ink Works is your trusted partner for crafting visually striking vertical prints that elevate your brand presence 

Jamie W.
Stryd Running

"Elevated Ink Works surpassed expectations on all fronts. From the quality and value of the final wall print to the capability, responsiveness and efficiency of their team, everything was exceptional. The team at Elevated Ink Works is knowledgeable, reliable, highly capable and communicative, and the vibrancy and detail of the print that they were able to achieve on our textured wall was extremely impressive and eye catching. From beginning to end, the entire experience was quick and easy and delivered stunning results above what we thought possible."


Sevices & Pricing



Already know what you want?  We'll bring the printer and get it on your wall!  Basic surface cleaning and design consult included.



Want a horse riding a pickle?  Want a frog punching a moose?  Let our team of artists and designers bring your vision to life!



Want a different color as the background to your image?  Color of the wall not vibing with what you have in mind?  We'll paint it for you!  



Don't have a wall to print?  No worries!  We can print on doors, brick, glass-you name it!  Want an image on your garage door?  We do outdoor prints too!  




Lets talk!  Chat, email, video call-whatever works best for you.  Let us understand your project wants and we can discuss the process in greater detail!



Our team will evaluate the space, identify any obstacles, and discuss pricing considerations. 

A pricing estimate will be shared for planning purposes (excluding any design services).  A 20% non-refundable deposit required to continue design consultation.



Have an image in mind?  Have a concept?  Considering text, logos, or needing help?  We'll work with you to position the right image for the space!  Design services billed on an as-needed basis.



Let us work around YOUR schedule!  We'll bring our cutting-edge wall printer onsite to apply the image to your surface.  The ink dries immediately and requires no curing time.

Total payment-for both printing and design services-will be required prior to printing.


We'll measure your space to provide a total project estimate, based on square footage.

Print Only


Consultation session & space review

Review of candidate images

Printing services

All prints require a $500 minimum

Print + Design Services

$25/sqft + $50/hr

Consultation session & space review

Development of custom images

Design revisions

Printing services

All prints require a $500 minimum

What is Vertical Printing?

Very simply, we have a printer that prints on vertical surfaces (i.e. walls) up to 13 feet tall and unlimited in length, on virtually ANY type of surface.  Yes, even textured ones!  We can print on textured drywall, glass, wood, brick, tile, cinderblock, plaster, etc.

Who is this for?

At Elevated Ink Works, we understand the profound impact that a strong brand identity can have on your business success. That's why we specialize in providing premium vertical printing solutions tailored to enhance your brand's visual presence. From meticulously printed logos to captivating graphics and visuals, we are committed to helping your brand stand out in today's competitive market.


Our process is quick, with most projects completed in a single day.  With our UV-cured ink, its instantly dry!


Why should you pick an artist based on THEIR style?  Our process allows us to work with artists around the globe to ensure that the outcome matches YOUR style.  Be it your exact company logo, something with graffiti, photo realism, or abstract-our process makes any style possible and accessible!

1200 DPI

The higher the dots per inch (DPI), the higher quality & detail of an image.  1200 DPI is considered ultra high-res.  



The ink is vegan, UV resistant, maintaining fantastic color for 12+ years.


CMYK typically produces a higher quality of print job than your standard home office printer, which prints in RGB.
What is Wall Printing?

Why Vertical Printing vs Vinyl?

Wall Print


Complex Designs

The ability to incorporate complicated shapes, patterns, drop shadows, gradients, artwork, and photos directly into the design without limitations.

Same Day Service

Designs can be made or finalized on-site before printing, offering total flexibility with no advanced preparations needed.

Textured Surfaces

The print will adhere to any surface regardless of the underlying texture, from stucco to brick.  We know how common textured walls are here in Colorado!

Seamless Prints

No seams or sections of vinyl material need to be combined to cover a large surface.

Edge to Edge Printing

Cover 100% of the surface area from corner to corner. Our printer requires up to an 18" margin from corners.

Easy Removal & Cleaning

One coat of primer and one coat of paint will completely hide the print, no special treatment required. Easily cleaned with common and industrial cleaners without damaging the print.


No wasteful transfer papers, chemical adhesives, or large transport trucks required. Less than 0.4mL per sq ft of ink is used, and ink is vegan and free from solvents and thinners.

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