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"Who is a wall printer for?"

You. You have walls, you're our ideal customer. This tongue-in-cheek comment is meant to demonstrate that vertical printing, wall printing...or whatever the industry is trying to decide to call itself, is not limited to any single market.

"This seems like a good application for commercial customers!" - This was a comment we heard CONSTANTLY at the 2024 Colorado Garden & Home show, often as a means to end the discussion. In other words, since I'm 'just' a homeowner, this couldn't possibly be applicable to a person like me. which we obviously disagree.

Furthermore, people assume that this service is irrelevant to him or her since they already have existing artwork. "I don't have the need for something like this," was a comment we responded to frequently. Our response was (and is) meant to address these two remark.

The wall printer response!

There is never an expectation that a customer has a blank wall. I mean, it certainly makes our life easier when they do, but we want customers to see that their space can be accentuated with our service. Therefore we can confidently say that you, Mr/Mrs homeowner, CAN use our service if you're looking to make a statement wall, accent wall, etc.

How are customers doing this today? Wallpaper or paneling (shaker, cladding, slats, etc). Both of which present complications which we'll dig into. Of course we're biased, but we did start a wall printer focused business BECAUSE of the issues we've faced as consumers ourselves.


Premium wallpaper is expensive! In addition, wallpaper is also incredibly ANNOYING to install here in Colorado. If you have textured walls, you're going to need to skim coat and there is always the issue of hiding one's seams. You're also usually going to have to pay a hefty price to hire installers that are good at what they do, otherwise you're expensive wallpaper is now wasted. Speaking of have to buy wallpaper by the roll. So if your project requires additional paper, you're going to be sitting on paper that you can't use.

Lastly, when it comes to wallpaper removal, its a huge pain in one's butt. With Colorado's premier vertical printing service (i.e. us) removal is as simple as two coats of paint!


I do woodworking as a hobby so this is a topic I'm personally conflicted on, for what its worth. What I can tell you is that most interior designers will say that this is likely a phase. Just like shiplap (thanks Chip & Joanna Gaines) these paneling styles are likely short-lived. Why? Two-fold: They're notorious dust collectors requiring constant cleaning and also removal proves to be difficult.

In conclusion, what we're looking to do is encourage our clients to look at their space differently. Add some color behind your existing framed artwork, add a cool pattern/design behind your floating shelves. Most people see art as rectangles simply because of the frames we put them in. The beauty of the service we can provide is that we aren't confined to these frames. Simply put, we try and encourage our customers to elevate their space by breaking the symmetrical norms. Our call to action! Book a free consult session with us to discuss your space, the capabilities of vertical/wall printing and to discuss what our wall printer can do for you!

P.S. Please be in Colorado!

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